Rental law, real estate & laws covering neighbouring properties

Living, working, buying or leasing, dealing with the neighbours. These everyday things often lead to legal issues. Matters on real estate are complex and the stakes are high. Getting proper advice on obtaining the best and obtainable result is indispensable. We help our clients with a proper plan of action to avoid unnecessary legal proceedings and to ensure your rights are safeguarded.

Rental law

Dutch law has a strong focus on rent protection and rights for tenants. This requires a proper course of action when tenants are unwilling or unable to pay their rent or request maintenance. Our focus is to tackle the underlying problem and avoid legal proceedings to minimise costs.

Prevention is better than a cure: we can also draft a rental agreement.

As a tenant you may find yourself in a legal conflict you did not ask for. Maybe the service charges are incorrect or your landlord wishes to evict you. Maybe you have sustained damages due to leaks or other defects in your home or you find yourself unable to pay your rent. These problems can only be fixed by taking the necessary steps. We will initiate a solution for your problems with the landlord and if a settlement is not possible, you can count on us during court proceedings.

Real Estate

You sold your house, but the buyer tries to withdraw at the last minute. Your Homeowners Association is making a mess of it and unwilling to listen. Your new house does not meet your expectations and appears to be riddled with defects. Your neighbour suddenly claims he can use your property as a walking path. There are myriad examples of legal issues with it comes to real estate. We can help with advice and a plan of action.

Laws covering neighbouring properties

Nobody wants to be caught up in a quarrel with their neigbours. Dutch law has many regulations with regards to neighbouring properties. Nightly disturbances, plot boundaries, privacy, easements, shared walls. When confronted with these issues you may need legal advice, which we can provide. We will study your case to see whether anything can be done. By drafting a plan of action a solution for these problems may present itself. If necessary, we can assist with legal proceedings.