Commercial disputes

Commercial disputes are conflicts about commercial agreements. These may be disputes between suppliers and companies, or about partnerships between shareholders, a general partnership, or a partnership. We also have expertise in assessing or drawing up contracts. An unambiguous agreement prevents disputes.

Quick, practical solutions

Going to court is costly and time-consuming. Because of this, it is the last resort. We know that the best situation for companies and business owners is when an acceptable solution can be found to their dispute. If effective advice and negotiation fail to resolve a dispute, our lawyers have a wealth of litigation experience. We are happy to take on standalone cases, but we also value long-term relationships. These are an opportunity to really get to know your company and objectives, and build a stable foundation for success.

Commercial disputes in practice

These are just a few of the situations successfully handled by our lawyers:

  • Assisting shareholders of a company that went bankrupt as a result of unlawful seizures of assets.
  • Assisting a company that was dealing with a customer who had prematurely terminated their collaboration.
  • Assisting an investment vehicle in a dispute with their bank.
  • Assisting investors in a company in the real estate sector in a dispute with the company in which they had invested.
  • Overseeing disputes in other partnerships, including an accountancy partnership and a general partnership.
  • Various proceedings regarding compliance with no-compete clauses.
  • Assisting a construction firm in a dispute with a supplier.
  • Assisting a real estate entrepreneur with rent disputes.
  • Advising an IT company on the options in an upcoming dispute.
  • Countering a health insurer’s claim on a healthcare provider.
  • Conducting proceedings between an IT company and a municipality.