Mergers & acquisitions and restructuring

Buying or selling a company, or part of a business, involves more than signing an acquisition agreement. It is an intensive and often fraught process, with a lot at stake. Not just financially, but also on an emotional level, particularly for the seller: choices have consequences, not least for staff. That is why flexibility and astute decisions are vital.

A clear picture of the situation

Whether selling shares or other assets, whether minority shareholders or one big shareholder: meticulous groundwork is where it all starts. Which type of sale or acquisition makes the soundest economic sense, and how will it be financed? As a buyer, you want to know the ins and outs of the financial situation, the prospects, and the legal status of key contracts. This involves research, which we can also help you with.

Professional guidance throughout the process

You need a lawyer with an innovative, creative mindset, who will form a detailed picture of all the legal aspects. A lawyer who enables you to make the right decision. Someone you can trust, who uncovers all the pitfalls, and who gives you practical advice on the way forward. Whether a transaction involves foreign shareholders acquiring a stake, or the sale of shares in a family business to the children: we guide you every step of the way, from initial discussions to the signature of the purchase agreement.

Mergers & acquisitions and restructuring in practice

These are just a few of the situations handled by our lawyers in 2019:

  • The sale of the shares held by minority shareholders in a company in the financial sector.
  • The sale of the shares held by minority shareholders in a company in manufacturing.
  • The purchase of shares in a company in the insurance sector.
  • The purchase of the assets of a company in the insurance sector.
  • The sale of shares in an accountancy firm.
  • The sale of a temporary employment agency’s assets.
  • Sale of the shares in a Dutch employment agency to a foreign buyer.
  • The acquisition by foreign shareholders of a stake in a Dutch holding company in the telecom sector.
  • The issue of convertible notes for a start-up.
  • Assistance with succession in family businesses.